Uncommon Automation to Save Hours Every Week

Today I’m going to recommend the popular password manager RoboForm. I actually use this software daily and even made an order of Roboform2GO which is the portable edition you can use on any Windows PC. To coincide with this addition to the downloads section, I thought I’d share a few of the ways that this …Read More

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The Importance of Self-Hosted Content

It is inevitable that if you are working on in the current day and age you will end up using several third party websites/applications throughout your day. On marketers will often write articles for EzineArticles, create viral videos for YouTube and even create fan pages on . Not only is it mostly unavoidable but often …Read More

Website Data Loss: The Prevention & Cures

If you own a website it’s imperative that you always keep backups of everything that’s on your server. Technology failures can and do happen all the time whether it be hardware or software based. As time has moved on and we often have huge databases running our websites rather than a few static HTML pages …Read More