How to Get a Facebook Access Button for Your Website

If you’re on the internet for any amount of time you are bound to run in to one of these new Facebook instant access buttons. The question is what are they?

When Facebook opened up their app ecosystem they left a small loophole which thousands of marketers around the globe are now exploiting to build an email marketing list.

You see whenever people agree to “Allow” an app on their profile, in most cases the app owner also gets access to their email address which can be used for marketing purposes. Spotting this opportunity some keen marketers created an app with the sole purpose of ethically building an email marketing list with the data pulled from Facebook.

This might be a fine idea for bigger companies the simple fact remains that it’s not a viable option for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. And that’s what spawned the birth of Viral Subscriber. It’s a simple WordPress Plugin that builds your list using Facebook apps to control the whole process. This means you get; verified email addresses, peoples real names and very high open rates! So where does the viral part come in?

Well when once of your web visitors opt in with your button they also confirm that Viral Subscriber can post to their Facebook account. This automatically posts any message you want them to share to their wall so you can grow your email marketing list virally through your subscribers Facebook friends. And of course as it’s a real people recommending your list on Facebook so  the chances of converting their friends are a ton higher than if you were to place a simple Ad on their Facebook.

So if you don’t have a budget in the thousands for email marketing alone then this might just be what you’ve been looking for. Viral Subscriber is the smartest new way to grow your list via Facebook with over 4000 people are already using “Facebook connect” technology to build their list. You can try out one of the buttons below and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find on the other side…



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