The Importance of Reviewing Your Customer Journeys

Everything must be as simple as possible, but no simpler. - Albert Einstein

Any business that has been active for a while will start to develop certain complexities and some of them may be hurting your business. Whether it is the way that a customer signs up for your newsletter, the system you have for accepting payments or even just the way they find information on your site. […]

Social Media Backups and Data Analysis For Marketers

Digital Marketing Backups & Analysis

One of the most overlooked parts of social media marketing is retaining full control of your content. This post isn’t about checking the terms of conditions to understand copyright but actually taking steps to prevent losing access to your own content if your account gets banned or the service closes down. You’ll also discover a few […]

Why We Enabled SSL And You Should Too

HTTPS SSL Website Security

In a world where hacking attacks seemingly make the headlines weekly (almost daily if you follow tech circles!), it is more important than ever to take every step you can to protect your website. As this site has evolved into a place where we directly sell products on the site we knew it was equally important […]