Leverage Scheduled Content for Membership Sites

Leverage Scheduled Content

When creating a content focused website one of the first things you will need to decide on is the types of content that you will be offering your audience. This will have a big influence on the way that you ultimately choose to structure your site. If you are creating a tightly focused training on a […]

Ashton Kutcher: Voice of The Modern Entrepreneur

Watch The Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Awards 2013 Speech

Whilst it’s not often you could say a Hollywood celebrity might just be the positive spokesman for entrepreneurship to the modern generation, however it seems like Ashton Kutcher may have just pulled it off. He recently won a Teen Choice 2013 award and rather than roll into a list of “thank you”s he launched into […]

Bitcoin For Business: Is It Ready?


In recent news there has been a lot of buzz around an emerging digital currency called Bitcoin. If you’re not already aware of Bitcoin, it is a cryptographic currency developed for creating secure and mostly anonymous online payments. One of the best introductions to the Bitcoin currency overall can be seen in the video below. […]

Inside The Mind of a Startup Entrepreneur

Startup Entrepreneur

Recently I get sent quite a few links to infographics however this one stuck out as an interesting analysis of the startup entrepreneur. It’s true that one you get down to it there are different types of entrepreneurs and the definition seems to be changing all of the time however I think this infographic summaries […]